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1% Group Education is founded by a group of senior educators. Adhering to the belief of enthusiastic teaching and passing on knowledge, we provide various educational services at all levels. In addition, we actively cooperate with schools and educational institutions from different countries to expand high-quality educational programs.



願景: 憑著專業、用心的服務態度及優秀的師資,我們希冀能培養學生成為頂尖的1%人才,以火炬作為信念的形象,用熱誠和堅定信心把追尋世界頂尖的理念傳遞並延展出去,教育培養新一代,傳承我們的使命。

Vision: We aspire to nurture our students towards the top 1% of success through our dedication, professionalism and excellent teachers.  With the torch of faith as our beacon, we strive to lead the way with knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence and to enrich each new generation so that they may, in turn, inherit our mission.




The torch is the vision and the mission. 1% Group Education is committed to inheriting the spirit of enthusiasm for learning and innovation, and is committed to providing the highest quality and diversified educational services, and actively expanding overseas studies, study tours, on-the-job English training, professional examination courses, and other professional courses in different industry disciplines. Not only to help students improve their innovation and establish critical thinking but also to enhance their international perspectives, hoping that students can play essential roles in various industries and contribute to society. We also encourage cooperation among government agencies, enterprises, industries, professional groups, etc., to cultivate future pillars of society.

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